Revolutionizing brain care with data

Omniscient is delivering practical and intuitive software solutions to connect pioneers in neurosurgery, neurology, and neuroscience with subject-specific brain analytics.

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Decoding the brain through connectomics

Connectomics is big data for the brain. By connecting both anatomical and functional information with sophisticated data analytics, connectomics is helping researchers build comprehensive maps of the human brain to better understand cognition and neurological disorder.

Now, through enterprise-grade machine learning platforms, Omniscient is bringing connectomics to the front lines of both clinical therapy and scientific research.


Turning data into actionable insight

Omniscient has built intuitive and practical software solutions - specific to the needs of neurosurgeons, neurologists, psychiatrists, clinical researchers, and academics - which can be easily integrated with existing diagnostic, therapeutic, and surgical workflows. Our browser-based platform turns MRI scans available at most sites into comprehensive brain maps - all within an hour.

Together, we may bring greater insight to a variety of brain-related clinical challenges, including neurosurgery, depression, chronic pain, cancer, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and PTSD.

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For: Clinical researchers in neurosurgery, neurology, and psychology

Our enterprise-grade, HIPAA compliant research platform turns raw MRI data into detailed functional network maps of the human brain and is scalable for projects of all sizes.



For: Neurosurgeons

Quicktome is neurosurgery powered by Omniscient.

Designed by neurosurgeons, Quicktome backs each incision with detailed knowledge of the brain’s networks - built specific to each patient.


Founded on three distinct
pillars of expertise


By combining three distinct pillars of expertise, our purpose-built, enterprise-grade platforms deliver an intuitive and integrated solution to map the human brain. At Omniscient, our founders Dr. Michael Sughrue and Dr. Stephane Doyen, joined by Stephen Scheeler, lead teams of diverse and passionate individuals that all believe brains can get better.

Our mission is to radically change the care of patients with brain disease by harnessing machine learning/AI, big data, and connectomics to make personalized, precision neuroscience a reality.


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